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Hario Water Dripper - Clear

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How does Cold Drip Coffee work? The coffee grounds are placed in the middle chamber, then cold water is poured into the top chamber. Adjust drip speed and then simply leave it to do its thing, after 5-7 hours of dripping, the end product is well worth the wait. You can slow down the pace of the drips with the adjustable faucet for a stronger brew, or increase it for a lighter. A yield that will offer a subtle and low acidic taste perfect for a hot summers day! You can add ice, tonic water, lemon or lime to change the flavour profile of the yield.  The construction is solid - made from borosilicate glass, polypropylene, this Hario cold drip tower is as beautiful as it is practical.

Dimensions: (W) 205 x (D) 135 x (H) 475mm


- Clear stand that suits any setting

- 2 to 6 cup capacity

- Low acidity yield

- Feature piece in any home or commercial setting