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Bondi Chai Cinnamon

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Bondi Chai Latte is a premium quality chai latte pre-mix combining black tea extract and a complex blend of ‘comfort spices’, milk, honey and sugar that have made it one of Australia’s favourite café beverages.

Bondi Chai Latte is also:

  • Australia’s most awarded chai latte pre-mix;
  • Made with the finest ingredients which add only taste or satisfaction;
  • Made without the ‘industrial nasties’ - fillers, whiteners, emulsifiers, anti-caking agents and preservatives - typically used in powders and pre-mixes;
  • The gold-standard in chai latte in Australia;
  • Gluten free, 98% fat free, low in caffeine and has no trans-fats.

Nutritional Information

Bondi Chai is a wholly-Australian owned and manufactured product. It is made from the finest ingredients available, 95% of which are sourced in Australia.

Bondi Chai is:

  • 98% fat free (when made with skim milk)
  • Low in caffeine (about the same as green tea or about half that of normally brewed black tea and one-quarter that of espresso coffee)
  • Contains no ‘industrial nasties’ such as anti-caking agents and has no artificial sweeteners, emulsifiers, whiteners, stabilisers or preservatives
  • Trans-fatty acid free
  • Gluten free
  • Sweetened with honey and sugar (one teaspoon of sugar in an 8oz/200ml drink)
  • Halal Certified

Nutritional information – Bondi Chai Club Cinnamon

Average serving 10g Qty per 10g dry powder Qty per 100ml drink*
ENERGY 163kJ (39Cal) 253kJ (61Cal)
PROTEIN 0.69g 4.19g
FAT, TOTAL <1g <1g
- SATURATED <1g <1g
- TRANS (from hydrogenated vegetable oils) 0g 0g
- SUGARS 8.50g 10.26g
SODIUM (mg) 12mg 57mg
INGREDIENTS Sugar, whey powder, skim milk powder, black tea extract (3%), honey powder, natural spices and nature-identical flavours, caramel colour (Caramel III).
* When made with skim milk

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