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BOD Cold Brew Coffee System [Colour: Grey]

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BOD is a stylish new cold-brew system that makes cold brew clean and easy.

Every part of the BOD’s modular design has a purpose. The Brew Chamber and Extract Chamber look beautiful together and independently, they’re compact and highly functional. The Brew Chamber can be used as a stand-alone brewer, and the Extract Chamber stores your coffee extract fresh in the fridge for up to 2 weeks, and easy pour twist caps, makes decanting a cinch.

The BodyBrew team created the BOD system to enable health conscious coffee-lovers to brew coffee that is both lower is acidity and also lower in compounds that boost cholesterol. Their research found the cold-brew process more effective in these areas than french-press and espresso and drove them to create a brewer that is designed for people on the go.


  • Makes 8-12 cups of coffee per brew
  • BPA/BPS/Phalate/PVC free
  • Spill-proof, Shatter-proof, and Leak-proof
  • Dishwasher safe
  • 32cm tall, 16cm wide


  • Brew Chamber
  • Portable Extract Chamber
  • 2 Easy Pour Twist Caps
  • Stainless Micro-mesh Filter