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Expobar Minore IV Espresso Machine

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Expobar Minore IV Espresso Machine Coffee Machine

*** NEW Version Minore III in stock and ready to ship (Blue LED PID display and steam boiler switch. Some retailers are calling this the Minore IV but it is still offically known as the Minore III. We sell the latest version) ***

The Expobar Minore 4 Espresso Machine (also known overseas as the Expobar Brewtus or Brutus) is a twin boiler machine with a PID temperature controlled brew boiler. It has a commercial quality E61 group head and pressure gauges for the brew pressure and steam boiler. What does this all mean? Control! Consistency! and Capacity!

The Expobar Minore espresso machine is the machine for you if:

1. You want to satisfy the whole dinner party with lattes cappuccinos and espressos FAST or

2. You want complete control over the brew pressure and temperature to extract the exact flavour and aroma profile from whatever coffee blend you have your hands on, or

3. After "dialling in" your technique and all machine parameters you want to replicate that perfect piccolo latte time after time, or

4. All of the above!

The Expobar Minore with twin boilers in a domestic form factor is a favourite with baristas wishing to achieve a consistent coffee extraction.

If you have reached the limits of your current setup, or if you simply want to start with one of the best domestic machines on the market, the Expobar Minore will allow you to dial in temperature as you dial in your perfect extraction of espresso.